Dynaset is global OEM centered around converted hydraulic power to high pressure water, electricity, compressed air, magnet power, vibration, vacuum and power boosting.

WT Hydraulics is the only authorised Dynaset partner in Western Australia and Tasmania. Our team of experts travel yearly to Finland for the Dynaset Dealer Meeting to learn about the latest advanced technologies. This means WT Hydraulics can provide our customers with the most efficient and up to date solutions to their unique circumstances.

High Pressure Water

High Pressure Water WT Hydraulics

  •  HPW

The Dynaset High Pressure Water Pump transforms hydraulic power into high pressure water power.

This high pressure allows for impeccable water power with only a few resources used. The pumps are self priming meaning feed pressure is not required. The HPW pumps aren’t only used for everyday mobile cleaning but also have various applications including; pressure washing, street-pipeline and bin cleaning, dust suppression, water cutting, hydro-demolition and scaling, fire fighting, drilling fluid pumping, water hydraulics, underwater works, submersible pumping and the lift goes on!

The power to size ration is unbeatable and the pumps contain no rotating parts which promises longevity and durability. The HPW-pumps’ cover a power rang of 10-200kW, pressure from 90-1600 bar and flow from 20l/min to 300l/min.

Dynaset High Power Water

Dynaset HPW1600 Hydraulic Power Washer



Electricity WT Hydraulics

  • HG

  • HMG

  • HWG

  • HGV

The Hydraulic Generator by Dynaset makes high power and high quality electricity available anywhere at any time.

Each component is comprised of small hydraulic motors meaning they do not require secondary engines and consist of maintenance free technology. The various hydraulic generators are used to provide electricity for all AC-powered tools, on board welders with auxiliary electricity supply, back-up power, power supply for heaters and cooling systems whilst driving a vehicle and on-site welding and repairing pipelines and steel constructions.

Compressed Air

Compressed Air WT Hydraulics

  • HKR

  • HK

  • HKL

The Dynaset Hydraulic Compressors produce compressed air for mobile pneumatic tools.

The compressors are easily integrated into mobile machines, vehicles and vessels due to their compact size and light weight. Along with the use of pneumatic tools the Dynaset compressor can be applied for tyre filling, air flushing and cleaning equipment.

Dynaset Hydraulic Magnetic on Excavator