WT Hydraulics is a leading hydraulic sales, service & repair company operating in Perth, Kalgoorlie and Esperance Western Australia. 

WT Hydraulics has been providing Hydraulic repairs and service to mining, agriculture, marine, oil & gas and many other industries around Australia since 1996.

We provide our customers with industry and product knowledge, the widest range of product lines and a flexible and practical approach. WT Hydraulics has a proven capability to deliver solutions on time, safely, within budget and in compliance with customers’ systems and reporting requirements.

Our Partners

Working together to provide Hydraulic Pneumatic and Control solutions

FESTO Parts Available in Perth!

Our 5 Point Promise

We put our customers first
The cost of 'downtime' is more than the loss of hourly income. From revenue to reputation, the costs are almost immeasurable. When unscheduled stoppages halt production, do you need a hectic reaction, or a timely and well executed response?
Mobile technicians are not just about calling someone in when things breakdown. 'Prevention is better than Cure'. Would you benefit from a 'Just in Time' maintenance program without the need to move your plant off the job?
The price you pay does not determine the value of the service you receive. Real value goes beyond the short-term gratification of a low price. Rather than throwing money at ongoing problems, wouldn't it be of more value to get expert analysis and long-term solutions?
Innovative solutions rarely come in a box. You can't pre-package experience and applied knowledge. Do you need innovative solutions to achieve the unique performance needs of the job in front of you?
Real quality is about consistent measurable performance. Would increased duty cycles, higher operating pressures and greater overall efficiency be the actual level of quality you need?

What Our Customers Have to Say

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