Mechatronics Sales Engineer

       Role Summary

  • In a nutshell, this is the part you play in achieving our belief that ‘Our customers are the only reason we exist’
  • Providing our customers with technically sound solutions to their Control System and Hydraulic problems
  • Taking the opportunities these solutions provide to more of our customers through innovative designs



All of the important things plus the really important things 
you’ll need to do:

  • Electro-Hydraulic and Pneumatic, system design and drafting
  • Fluid Power component selection for new or replacement installations from our preferred suppliers
  • Control system analysis and fault finding
  • Fluid Power system analysis and fault finding
  • Produce quotations for Control Systems and Fluid Power and for individual components
  • Control system design and documentation
  • Control system component selection for new or replacement installations from our preferred suppliers
  • Project management of system installation and upgrades
  • Work with our Customers to develop solutions to their Fluid Power problems
  • Introduce existing and potential customers to WT Hydraulics and our innovative solutions to problems
  • Support all WT Hydraulics Branches and employees as required with technical assistance and skills training
  • Focus on impeccable customer service
  • Use our Standards, Procedures and Systems to ensure our customers get the products and services they deserve
  • Use our systems to maintain document and customer records of Projects, Quotations, Sales and Jobs
  • Focus on continual improvement of our Systems, Procedures and Standards Responsibilities & Accountabilities


A list of areas and/or people that will rely on you to do your job well so they can do theirs well also:

  • Customers – Ensuring our customers’ expectations are well managed and our promises effectively delivered, meeting their specific needs
  • Counters Sales Staff – Providing assistance with customer enquiries, building knowledge base of staff through sharing and training, handing on sales, quotations and enquiries in the appropriate and timely manner
  • Workshop – Providing assistance and technical support as required, managing projects to achieve the customers required outcome, handing on jobs, quotations and enquiries in the appropriate and timely manner
  • Purchasing and Stores – Handing on enquiries and information in the appropriate and timely manner, providing technical and product information and guidance as required
  • Management and Administration – Compiling reports and analysis of activities, analysing processes used and providing feedback for continuous improvement


How you’ll know what to focus on and that you’re doing those things really well

  • Group Turnover
  • Gross Margin %
  • LNP’s One per Month

Only applicants that call our Perth office will be assessed (08 9434 5966) after emailing resume to

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