Getting to know the HPW from Dynaset.

Small but mighty! The Dynaset high pressure water pump transforms hydraulic power into high pressure water
power. This high pressure allows for impeccable water power with only a little water used. It’s
self priming ability means feed pressure is unnecessary.

High pressure water isn’t only used in everyday mobile cleaning but also has applications in
pressure washing, street-pipeline and bin cleaning, dust suppression, water cutting, hydro-
demolition and scaling, fire fighting, drilling fluid pumping, water hydraulics, underwater works,
submersible pumping and the list goes on!

Dynaset is all about maximising your space so the power to size ratio is unbeatable. This is all
due to the piston-to-hydraulic piston principle. Meaning, no rotating parts which promises you
longevity and durability. The HPW-pump’s cover a power range of 10-200kW, pressure 90-1600 bar and flow from
20l/min up to 300l/min.

Our Perth and Kalgoorlie branches are dedicated to the service and repair of these pumps. You can count on WT Hydraulics to have readily available spares and can trust us in providing the highest quality service on your pumps.
If you are interested in any further information about these pumps, please call our Perth head office on: 08 9434 5866

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