Achieving Hydraulic Efficiency

Achieving Hydraulic Efficiency, how we can help you.
It isn’t uncommon knowledge that we at WT Hydraulics love to assist our customers in improving their efficiency.
We work together with our customers to design, repair and service their hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

WT Hydraulics is there every step of the machines life cycle to promote longevity and keep up the efficiency we promise. Not only is efficiency something we help our customers achieve, but this is a core value WTs stands by.

Sense of Urgency:
Our customers receive efficient and professional service, so they get their expectations delivered upon as promised.

So how can we help you reach your highest level of efficiency?
The first step in achieving maximum profitability and efficiency comes down to the condition of the fluids used.

We offer a thorough oil analysis providing accurate data on the viscosity levels whilst checking for diesel dilution and ensuring that the TBN/TAN is within its limits, this guarantees that the integrity of the oil is intact before proceeding with cleaning.

By utilising an oil driven centrifuge together with vacuum dehydration, our low cost and portable unit can be connected directly to your hydraulic components, cleaning the oil down to sub-micron levels. Therefore, our customers avoid the considerable expense and waste problem of exchanging filter elements.

Alongside this we also offer hire agreements for the new Hydac H2Go, which combines high efficiency filtration and vacuum dewatering. By separating dissolved water as well as dissolved gasses, the hydraulic fluid is cleaned and prepared for reuse. The H2Go contains an AquaSensor to continuously monitor the water content and control the unit all while increasing dewatering capacity through a three-
stage heating system. The employment of the heating system allows for higher viscosity and cold fluids to be tested and cleaned. Finally, a programmable logic controller used in combination with touch screen controls guarantees simple and reliable handling.

Clean oil means a healthy hydraulic system!
Once the oil is cleaned, we can take advantage of the HYDAC Condition Monitoring system. Gone are the days of waiting for sample results and the constant necessity for spare parts available at all times.

The new HYDAC alternative is comprised of:
-A condition monitoring system (tracking cleanliness levels, pressure, flow, temperature and much more)
– A switchable off-line system
This system allows operators to ensure that the system is functioning under ideal conditions, alert the operator of any changes before serious damage or system stoppage occurs, turn on an auxiliary system to correct any imbalances immediately and if necessary alerts the operator that a service is required
meaning this can be booked at a convenient time, rather than a last minute scramble! Further options include having the system immediately shut down to prevent damage from any catastrophic and expensive events that may occur.

The Condition Monitoring package installed and maintained by WT Hydraulics increases efficiency, greatly reduces costs and eases your carbon footprint too.
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