Our Expertise

Since 2001 WT Hydraulics has been focused on helping our customers solve their hydraulic and lubrication problems. Like our existing customers we understand that you need;

  • Integration – incorporating new attachments to work efficiently with your existing plant and equipment.
  • Design – Starting from concept to create hydraulically operated systems to perform the job you need.
  • Fault Finding – don’t waste time and money by using a process of elimination approach. Identify the fault within the system through a technical based testing approach.
  • Repair – OEM supplied parts are expensive, a repaired component can work as effectively as a new part for a fraction of the cost.
  • Rebuild – Understanding what needs to be replaced, repaired, remanufactured so that the machine is returned to original specifications without the expense of starting from scratch.
  • Testing – From individual component testing through to complete system analysis you will have confirmation that the machine will do the job it’s designed to do.
  • Component Selection – Selecting the correct part for the application ensures that the machine performs at its best for longer.
  • Condition  Monitoring – Real time monitoring & analysis of your complete system.
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