Company Profile

Founded in 1996, WT Hydraulics is a Kalgoorlie based hydraulic company specialising in hydraulic Design, Sales, Service and Repairs of hydraulic components and equipment.

WT Hydraulics provide hydraulic engineering services across several industries, with branches in 
Kalgoorlie, Perth, and Esperance. We provide one stop solutions to complex hydraulic 
problems through a combination of problem solving, design, product procurement and 
customisation, installation, project management, and after sales protection.
Our core competencies centre on industry and product knowledge, our range of OEM product
lines, with a flexible and practical approach. We provide options and alternate solutions
resulting in better client outcomes. WT Hydraulics has a proven capability to deliver solutions on
time, safely, within budget, and in compliance with customers’ systems and reporting
requirements. This reduces customer frustration and risk, and allows our customers to 
concentrate on their own areas of expertise.
What does WT mean?
WT could stand for a whole range of things, We Think that WT stands for Wise 
Technology so, what is Wise Technology?
Working Together, that is we at WT Hydraulics work together to produce the outcome that is 
needed, that means we establish a Working Team with our Suppliers, Branches, Technicians, 
Engineers, and most importantly our Customers to identify the best possible outcome with the 
available resources. 
This approach ensures that the solution for the initial problem is Wise and Technologically sound, 
Wise Technology.
It is the Wise Technology approach that has enabled WT Hydraulics to build from one branch in 
Kalgoorlie in 2001 to now operating in Perth, Kalgoorlie and Esperance. All staff at WT 
Hydraulics work together to enable and build the Wise Technology experience.
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