Workshop Repairs & Rebuilds

Completely replacing hydraulic parts and pumps can be a costly exercise – but ‘replacing’ is not always necessary.

From individual components through to complete hydraulic systems, WT Hydraulics can save you considerable sums of money by knowing when repairing rather than replacing components is the cost effective way to go.

However, you wouldn’t use rebuilt parts if you didn’t have the confidence in them to do the job as well as new parts.

WT Hydraulics always measure and check components against the manufacturers specifications before rebuilding to ensure a quality rebuild is feasible.

After completing the rebuild, WT Hydraulics tests all components using our 235 kilowatt powered test bench to check the unit’s efficiency under full load conditions. All tests results are saved and can be supplied with the rebuilt components as required

When your machine needs more than individual component repairs, the WT Hydraulics’ workshops are equipped to rebuild complete hydraulic systems. Click here to see a LM 75 Diamond Drill power unit rebuild.

Before buying new components or complete systems, contact WT Hydraulics to see if a quality repair or rebuild is the right cost saving answer.




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