System Design

Because innovative solutions rarely come in a box, WT Hydraulics have total system design experience.

The latest, state of the art machines don’t always cover the range of tasks required. Additions to the existing machines systems can enable the one machine to perform jobs beyond factory specifications.

Our customers need unique machines to do their unique tasks. WT Hydraulics helped Rock Australia save millions by incorporating a drilling feed-rail to a rough terrain crane to enable high reach drilling for ground stabilisation in open pits. For more about this, click here.

Before any customised system design can take place, a deep understanding of customer requirements is needed. WT Hydraulics designers will gather all the necessary information through consultation and site visits.

The key to reliable system design is in vast knowledge and experience. If you have an idea or concept that you can’t find the answer for in a box on a shelf, talk to the WT Hydraulics design team to see how your idea can become reality.





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