Oil Purification

If something expensive became dirty, would you throw it away?

Or, would you clean it and reuse it?


In almost all circumstances, we’d clean and reuse – So why do operators of heavy machinery and fixed plant discard many thousands of dollars in oil every year simply because it looks dirty?

If it could be demonstrated that the oil you are throwing away still had its required viscosity levels and was merely contaminated with dirt particles and water, would you be open to the assertion that this oil can be cleaned and reused, again and again?

If you said yes, then you have taken the first step from High oil use to No oil use.

Certainly, you would want to be assured that before you reused oil that it was checked for diesel dilution and the TBN/TAN is within limits. No problem. Our thorough oil analysis will provide accurate data on these parameters and more, to ensure the integrity of the oil is intact before any cleaning process begins.

How does it work?

By utilising an oil driven centrifuge together with vacuum dehydration, we have found a low cost method to clean your oil to unprecedented levels. You don’t even need to drain the oil out of your machines. The portable oil-cleaning unit can be connected direct to your engines/transmissions/hydraulics. We bring the process to you.

And if you currently use an oil filtration system because you recognise the value of oil reuse, then you ought to know that our process not only cleans oil down to sub-micron levels (far better than most filtration systems), you do not have the considerable expense and waste problem of filter element replacement.

Save time – Dramatically Reduce Costs –
whilst being Environmentally Responsible




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