Mobile Repairs & Services

Is spending countless hours fault finding and trying to fix your machines the best use of your team’s expertise? Or would you benefit from the right expertise –the right testing equipment and the correct parts… that get to you FAST?

When machines break down or they experience intermittent problems, the first course of action is often to remove and replace parts until the problem is fixed.

Quite often however – you burn valuable hours getting the problem sorted, or alternatively, it doesn’t get fixed at all and you wind up with low machine availability and a cheesed off work force. Nobody wins.

Successful business uses its resources and expertise in ways that maximise productivity and profitability.

WT Hydraulics has a fleet of mobile workshop vehicles equipped with the latest hydraulic testing equipment with data logging capabilities. This means even if your hydraulic problem occurs intermittently, our testing equipment and processes will enable our technicians to find the fault fast.

Once the fault is known our technicians and support teams in Kalgoorlie, Perth and Esperance will get your machines back to productivity and you doing what it is you do best.

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