Component Testing

The single hydraulic pump can be used in a large number of applications or machines.

How do you know that the pump you are fitting to your machine is setup specifically for the machine? You can make the adjustments required when the pump is fitted which requires a skilled hydraulic technician with appropriate test equipment at the site where the pump is fitted.

Would you prefer to have the pump arrive at the machine with all the settings adjusted to the machine specifications so that it can be fitted and the machine put back to work reducing downtime and eliminating the need for onsite technicians.

WT Hydraulics Test Bench has 235kW input power meaning we can test pumps up to 500cc displacement. The Test Bench has been purpose built by WT Hydraulics technicians to perform the range of tests that are necessary for all types of hydraulic components.

Our computer generated test report can provide the operator all the individual test results required to confirm that the component tested is performing to the specifications needed for the application. These test reports include

  • Output Flow up to 600 l/m
  • Load Pressure up to 300 bar
  • Operating Temperature during the test
  • Input Speed
  • Case Flow as required

Each test carried out on the test bench is logged and a copy of the test results can be provided upon request. (Click here to view a sample report)




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