Apprentice Hydraulic Fitter (Kalgoorlie branch)

Posted 2 years ago

Role Summary

In a nutshell, this is the part you play in achieving our belief that ‘Our customers are the only reason we exist’
Learn the skills required to provide hands on hydraulic component and hydraulically operated machine; maintenance, repair, fault finding, plus assembly and commissioning of hydraulic systems and components.


All of the important things plus the really important things you’ll need to do
Assist the qualified tradesperson in all areas of work
Learn the skills and techniques required to become a competent tradesperson
Deliver excellent service to our customers
Answer the phone in a professional manner
Keep work areas clean and tidy
Maintain workshop equipment and tools
Develop the skills to pass our Level 1 Hydraulic Technician Competency exercises

Responsibilities & Accountabilities

A list of areas and/or people that will rely on you to do your job well so they can do theirs well also
WHSEM system understood and adhered to ensuring Safe Efficient and Environmentally sound work is always carried out
Ensuring all technical training both on the job and off-site are completed and assessed competent.
Assigned tasks are completed on time and correctly carried out
Tool registers and consumable products are maintained and ready for use
Workshop equipment and machines are checked and serviced as required an ready for use when needed
Analysing processes used and providing feedback for continuous improvement


How you’ll know what to focus on and that you’re doing those things really well
LPN’s submitted monthly and followed through until completed
Staff and Customer service satisfaction rating at greater than 80%
Branch Labour charge out percentage at 80%

Only applicants that call our Kalgoorlie office will be assessed (08 9022 7220) and submit resume to

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