Get Powered Up with new Hydraulic Generator

WT Hydraulics introduce Hydraulic Generator by Dynaset.

What does the Hydraulic Generator bring to the work site?
High Power and High quality electricity always available.

Base Machines … Excavators, Platform Lifts, Trucks, Cranes, Service Vehicles, Fire Engines, Mining Machines, Ships, Power Packes etc..

Applications … Powering of electric tools, lights, heaters/coolers, welding generators, 1- and 3-phase motors etc..

Features … Compact size, easy installation, silent operation with no extra engine or fuel. Complete power station with overload protection, safety leakage relay and 3 or 5 pin sockets. Auxiliary fuse/socket box available.

Hydraulic Generator Specifications

Standard models table for hydraulic generator Models in ip54 table for hydralic generator Models in 60hz table for hydralic generator Follow this link to see all the hydraulic products WT Hydraulics has on offer.

Watch this video to see the hydraulic generator in action

To learn more about hydraulics visit this site.

The applications are endless for this amazing hydraulic generator which is guaranteed to give more versatility to any work site allowing more remote repairs and modifications to be done without having to bring everything back into the workshop.

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